Cluster Cam 'G' filter

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Cluster Cam 'G' filter

Postby David Conner » Thu Dec 04, 2014 5:46 pm

Has anyone noticed changes to images using Cluster Cam's 'G' filter?

Up to May this year stellar images using the G filter had a FWHM of almost 3, while images without the filter had a FWHM of ~2. From June onwards images both with and without the G filter have had FWHM of ~2.

I have only recently started using this filter for variable star obs, but one star which overlaps these dates is now saturated and unusable because it is too focused! (RADEC 18:19:07.00 -11:37:59.00)

If it's going to stay as-is from now on, then no probs.

David Conner.

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